14 High Converting Places to Add Email Signup Forms to Build Your List

If you want to sign up more emails from your website than we provide you the 14 converting places for sign up more emails from a single website.  
Splash Page
If you are not using the splash page for sign up than it is a time to leap on the bandwagon. Many smart app users are now using the splash page and visitors found a new look of their homepage. The best way to structure splash page is by scrolling from the top to bottom and displaying the email sign up form. It ensures the visitor that signs up is the only purpose of this page. 
Laura Roeder uses splash page and display the quote of one of her subscriber as main headline for her page. 
Tim Ferris uses the tag “Start Here” that clarifies the visitor to search for his sign up list from here. 



Welcome Gate
It is less annoying than pop-up because it allows the quick look of the full page before slide down action. On a plan colored background there is a headline and subscribes form. Jeff Goins, welcome page consist of a single tag – “get access”. 


Floating bar 
The bar containing the call to action to subscribe to email list is present either on the top or bottom of page that remain in view during the scrolling process. 
Example of Twelve Skip’s floating bar is as follow;


It is best way to place sign up information on header because it give a quick look to visitor. Michael Hyatt’s image of his eBook showing email list on header is shown below;


Blog pages
Putting the email signup on blog page is also one of the best ways for visitor to access on email list. 
Neil Patel put his email on blog page that is nothing more than webinar registration page.

blog page

Blog posts
Putting an email address on the bottom of blog page is best way for visitor to choose your list after having a look on your content.
Chris Lema’s blog page is best example of it:

blog post

Side bar
It is most common form to put an email on side bar for easy access to visitor. 
Neil Patel’s side bar contains three of his email lists on side bar. 

Timed light box
Timed light box appeared after specific time containing the sign up email for subscribers. It provides the chance to visitor to enjoy your content before subscribing. 

Timed Lightbox

Scroll box
It is a pop up version to place email at bottom right corner of page. It do not affect the normal flow of content on the home page. 


Placing email on footer is very striking way if the content present on page is attractive for visitor than he will surely subscribe it.
Sarah Morgan place email on footer in order to advise the visitors with best actionable advices.

About page
It is the page that contain all information regarding the website therefore the most visited one. Placing email on this page along with other contact details is intelligent choice. 
about us

Resource pages 
This page is used by copy blogger in order to promote their membership. It is a page with loaded content that attract the attention of subscribers. 

Sign-Up page
Email Sign Up page allow the subscribers to sign up their account and once they have signed up, they remain up to date with the content. 

Exit-Intent Popup
When the subscriber is about to leave the page a sign up form appears that attract them for staying on the page in order to subscribe it. 
Example: Tim Ferris’s page

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