How to Build an Amazing Email List with Online Forms

Email marketing is one of the best tools used for business marketing strategy. It increases the sale up to 50% level more and enhanced the ROI up to 43,000%. It built a direct relationship with the customer. There are different ways for building an online list of email including event registration, newsletter sign up and contact forms to reach to the maximum customers. Below are five ways for building up the email list:

1) Automate manual tasks
Making all the tasks to update automatically on a daily basis is the best way to build an email list. It directly submits the form data into the preferred email system.  MailChimp is an integration platform of the email system that automatically added the information of new subscribers in a record of contacts. It saves the time for manual updating of details for every subscriber.

2) Use custom fields for segmentation
A custom field is a collection of additional data for subscriber and best way to collect extra data is to insert the custom field in between the online forms. You can easily create this field in email marketing stand so that the right information can be transferred to the right place. One of the best examples is Par dot form handler that transfers the accurate data to customers based on their interest value.

3) Boost your reach with embedding and social sharing
Embed forms on different web pages, landing page, and blogs support sign up for email and allow the insertion of form on different platforms of social media. For example, embedded buttons on Facebook allow easy insertion of contact form and surveys of business pages of Facebook. This procedure helps you to finalize the email list quickly. Only the marketing criteria should be swift and boosted up for gaining the attention of more subscribers. 

4) Offer valuable content
Social media marketing is the best way for attracting more visitors and it can be a more powerful tool when it contains valuable content. The valuable information can be inserted in the form of blogs, reports and blog posts. The valuable content wins the gratitude of more audience and ultimately improves your marketing strategy.

5) Commit to forming optimization
Once the informative content has been shared, the next step is to optimize the web form. Because it is the only way to attract more visitors and they will be able to read the content if a web page found to be attractive for them. Social auto-fill features can be inserted for saving the time of visitors because in present time everyone is in a hurry no one can spend time for filling up a long form. Forms tack is the best way to auto-fill social media data into the form and provides easy access to your client email. We believe in the ease of our customers and help them in their digital marketing strategies as form stack helps you at every stage with easy solutions for your marketing strategy.

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