Tips for Planning Events without Event Management Software

You have to plan your event but you do not consult any event planner than no need to worry about it. No matters the type of event it is, we offer you the best tips to manage your event with the aid of event management software. If you are an event planner; then you will surely love these tips. 

Management of event by using the form
FormGala’s forms offer you with the best planning by managing the to-do list with it. The to-do document list may consist of; 
Worksheets for event planning:  it helps you to track the minute detail of any event including; costs, location, menu, venue, and decorations.  These customize details save your time of writer up using copy and pencil and can be updated automatically when you have finished your all tasks. 
To do list:  you can easily track your tasks via to do online list. The tasks Assigned to the whole team can be easily accessed via any device by all the workers easily. 

Get the word out!
In order to reach to the maximum audience, we help you to design online invites and registrations. Emailed invites can be sent via event invites by your website that not only save money but also reach to a huge audience in minutes.  This software also allows you with the easy registration of your attendees.  For the ease of attendees, the map and directions can also be added and details that attendees needed to know. 
It also helps to find volunteers in order to help you out without any interest. The volunteer form can be forwarded to volunteer and can adjust their working according to their time availability.  FormGala volunteer form includes all the deep details of volunteers. 

Collection of the event registration fee, follow up and feedback of the event
The event payment can be collected online in order to avoid financial loss.  The feedback and follow up of attendees can be maintained via online payment submission, follow up and Feedback forms. FormGala has partnered with many online payment collection services for directly transfer your payment to your account. Follow up and feedback forms contain information regarding event satisfactory result, post-event survey, and suggestion from attendees. These forms also maintain the contact information all the attendees for a future invitation. Hence, it is one of the best ways to maintain a list of all participants. 

Other benefits of Formgala
FormGala is very easy to use and can help you to build up your online forms and help you in any form of programming. The storage capacity of all the details can be easily maintained by it. It offers you different designs and color schemes for your forms and accepts all the required data for form and sends it for company usage. There are almost 300 templates present in the gallery with unique designs that surely suits your taste and company demands. FormGala also partnered with other applications like Salesforce, WordPress, and Zapier, etc.  

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