A Simple Way To Work Smarter
Simplify Your Day-to-Day
Create automated workflows in minutes that flow across departments and help you quickly complete repetitive tasks
Keep Your Team Organized
Assign sections of your workflow to different team members depending on what you want them to review and edit.
Improve Your Efficiency.
Track the progress of your workflows from start to finish and time each step to identify communication bottlenecks.
Save Time And Resources
Use Workflow Logic to send forms back for corrections and define rules that skip steps or complete the workflow entirely.
Versatile Workflow Automation For Teams Of All Kinds

Enhance efficiency by streamlining the processes you use every day. Create an automated workflow for sales quotes, budget approvals, invoice requests, travel reimbursements, product evaluations, and much more.

Improve patient intake and registration by letting care providers submit their notes on a single form. Practitioners can add comments to a patient's record after an appointment and route data to multiple departments.

Improve communication amongst employees and meet your growth and engagement goals by going paperless. Quickly review and process job applications, employee reviews, feedback, PTO requests, and more

Create automated workflows that help you reduce paperwork and share student information between departments. Process financial aid applications, enrollment forms, evaluations, scholarship applications, and more

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